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Start a better living a better life with reduced electricity and gas bills. Smart Australians are switching  to solar energy to protect themselves from rising energy costs. They not only claim Govt Solar Rebate , but also earn money by selling their excess electricity back to the grid. Accessing the Govt rebates allows each elligible home to install solar with no upfront cost as well as reducing our carbon footprint.



Rising power prices can make a huge impact on your business profits.  You can access a Govt rebates for between $5000 to $50,000  for elligible businesses to invest in a solar solution that will provides the competitive advantage.  Save money now with fixed power costs and also protect your business against future rises incosts. Whether your business is a hospitality, manufacturing, consulting or trade, solar makes smart financioal sense.


Say goodbye to greedy power retailers and enjoy clean, efficient green power to secure your energy needs.  Solar power storage systems can store your solar power for you to use at night, and can eliminate your power costs. Also take advantage of Govt subsidies for Electric Vehicle (EV),and  have your solar solution designed to charge you EV.

100% Australian Owned

We are a 100% Australian owned and operated company.  Our entire operation from pre to post sales is based here. We are experts in our industry and can give you the best advise for your needs.  We can also help you with the best Govt rebates and local finance options, so you can make the smart decision.

Full Range of System Products

We do not  try and lock you in to only one system option. We offer a full range of all the best manufacturers of solar panels, inverters, storage batteies, EV chargers and other products. You will find everything you need need under one roof.

CEC Approved Installers

We offers the latest technology solar panels, inverters, and mountings.  All of our products exceed Australian Clean Energy Council (CEC) requirements. Our installers are professional CEC accredited.

Performance Guarantee

As solar professionals we ensure that the system installed for you is the right size and design for your home or business.  We also assist you in choosing the best power retailer to maximise your solar investment, and we also check-in with you to see how your system is performing, after you receive your first power bill. We work with you to see if there are any improvements needed, to maximise your savings.

Industry Leading Consultants

Our professional solar consultants have over 12 years experience working with many other solar companies. We know what other companies provide, and you can profit from our extensive knowledge and expertise.  

Quality Assured Performance

Solar technologies are constantly changing and many clients make the mistake of researching solar solutions online. We have found that much of the information is  out-dated, or are just click-bait for solar adverts and lead generation.  We stay in touch with new technological developments to design your  bespoke system with the latest time-proven technoligies and system suppport.   All our system componenets are backed by companies with Australian based offices, to protect your investment.

Our Code of Conduct

Our experts sit with you and explain how solar can work for you, and how you can make the most from your solar investment. We explain the whole installation process clearly, without technical jargon, so you will have very clear expectations of your solar solutions performance. We provide honest, accurate and conservative performance expectations, so you will be plpeasantly surprised.

Our Price Guarantee

Cheap insn't quality, and quality isn't cheap. 
So we promise the best value for your solar investment. Our 30 days price promise guarantee gives you peace of mind that you are getting an affordable solar  packages to make the mamimum savings from day one.

No Lock-in Finance

We never use lock-in contracts or lock-in finance agreements.  We work with you to make sure that you are justs as happy with your solar packages, in 3 years time as you are today. So you get your maximum benefit, and peace of mind knowing that you can pay-out any financec agreement at any time.

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